ME stands for Meerestechnik Elektronik, indicating the tradition of the company founded in 1975 by Dr. Klaus Grisard. ME GRISARD GMBH develops, manufactures and markets sensors, probe systems and automatic analyzers for use in natural salt- and fresh waters down to 6000 m depth. Mainly the analyzers are used in industrial plants for the control of processes and monitoring of emissions. Data acquisition is done by means of ME Board Units or Interfaces to PC`s and software packages like ME-MULTIPAR. The ME Winch usable as a remotely operable launcher completes the measuring system.  ME measurement systems, e.g. for conductivity, temperature, depth, (C, T, D) sound velocity, dissolved oxygen, pH, chlorophyll-fluorescence, light attenuation, current velocity and direction and the whole set of nutrients have been sold to users all over the world. To quite a lot of them ME is in close connection because they send their instruments back to the manufacturer for maintenance and recalibration. Being located in "Schleswig Holstein" just between North- and Baltic Sea ME is specially experienced in instruments for use in brackish and turbid waters for monitoring purposes and environmental research.